Little pieces for recorders

Little pieces for recorders

Instrumentation: recorders
Date: 2011, 2012
Dedication: For Janos Bali
Comment: in: Introduction to the Avantgarde by János Bali

The following short pieces were published in ‘Introduction to the avant-garde’ by János Bali (EMB)


   Secret steps (for 2 recorders, in 2 versions)

   Barabbas or: István Orosz’s stairs (for 8 recorders)

   Motet nach Barabbas (for 6 recorders)

   Lamento nach Barabbas (for 8 recorders)

   Speech therapist (for 2 recorders)

Puzzle (for recorder and piano, in 3 versions)

Chain reactions (for at least 4 recorders of the same kind)

(Ear)-purifying canon (for 3 recorders in C)

Half the time (for 2-20 players, for recorders of the same kind)